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Here is a sample of some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Please read through this material before you send us an email asking for further information. 

Is emailTelegram or World Post Services a Post Office?
  No. We are a private limited company, based in the United Kingdom. Our text processing service works similar to a Post Office because we can forward your electronic text to any normal legal address in the world via the regular Post Office's distribution.
Does World Post Services deliver the mail?
No. We process your letter and then deliver it to the British Post Office. We rely on the British "Royal Mail" to deliver your mail within the UK and world-wide. They are delivery specialists with a proven global distribution network that handles over 20 billion items every year.
Can I use this service right now from any computer anywhere?
Yes. All you need is your credit card and access to this web site. An Internet account is not required. You could even use us from a hotel. However, in order to conduct a secure transaction for credit card payment, your browser must, as normal, be configured to accept "cookies". 
Does World Post Services protect my credit card details?
Yes. In fact we don't even pretend to run a credit card company. All our credit card transactions are conducted on-line by "World Pay" which is a leading electronic credit card expert. We keep our prices down and they keep our security up.
Is World Post Services confidential?
Yes. We are registered with the Data Protection Act of the United Kingdom (Registration Number PZ5465603). Our staff are trained to keep your letters private. We also protect your names and addresses from mailing lists. We will not give your details for junk mail or electronic spamming.
Does World Post Services censor  text?
Possibly. Although we do not and cannot review all the messages processed by us, we will not knowingly send text of an unlawful or sexually inappropriate nature. We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your credit card. Liability will be for only the price of the requested transaction. As with all automated processes, we can never guarantee that the content of any letter will be monitored by a data processor and therefore can never be responsible for the content of the letters. The British Malicious Communications Act will protect certain recipients from inappropriate messages.
Can World Post Services improve mail delivery time to all countries?
No. World Post Services admits that it can only improve mail delivery locally for a country with a good and efficient local service distributor that connects with our local service collector, the Royal Mail. We therefore allow you to make the choice yourself whether or not there will be any benefit to you. However, we do trust that the British Royal Mail is one of the best mail processing companies in the world and that in most cases there will be a benefit to our customers, especially if being delivered within the United Kingdom. (This includes: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland). Considerable time savings will also be noticed to the USA and Canada from most global locations due to the cooperative relationships of these Post Offices.
Will World Post Services guarantee delivery to the address that I specify?
No. We depend on you to provide us with the correct address. Although the delivery company will attempt to deliver your letter, its fate is just as uncertain as it would be if you had mailed it yourself. We provide a service and an opportunity, but it is up to you to decide if there will be any benefit. You must provide us with a correct address or else, as ever, your letter will not be delivered properly. We only guarantee delivery of your letter to the Post Office.
Can I telephone World Post Services?
No. By providing an automated electronic service we are able to offer you the lowest possible prices. This is an ever growing new reality of the 24 hour world wide web. However, our staff are dedicated to processing your mail and responding to your emails.


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