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The composition of your letter requires you to type a message in our web page's Text Input Box. You may type this message while you are on-line with our website, or you can cut and paste it from your own system. Regardless of what font you upload, we only use one default type font for printing your letter, officially called "Times New Roman". Do not expect any special symbols or font effects to be transmitted, they will be unrecognisable, and your order will not look the way you expected.

This service allows a maximum of 2000 characters, or approximately 400 words. Use the <carriage return> cautiously as we can only fit approximately 35 vertical lines into the printed letter before the font size must be reduced unreasonable small. We reserve the right to edit spacing or simply remove vertical spacing, if required.


Many people prefer to type their message in advance using a word processor because they have automatic features such as spell checking and word count functions. You can then highlight the text that you wish to send by dragging the mouse over the text while pressing the left mouse button. Next select Copy using either the right mouse button, or via the Edit menu. Then return to this website which, because of Windows, can be operating at the same time. When you get to the Text Input Box put the curser in the box and then press Paste, again using the right mouse button or via the Edit menu. You will now have to make sure that there are no images, art, or fancy text in the Text Input Box. Your word processor may allow you to display many artistic things, but our Text Input Box will only allow the basic characters on a normal keyboard, all of the same size font. We print all letters using the font: "Times New Roman". 


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