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$4.87* $5.36* $6.32* R35.64*

Actual Price  GBP

*Approximate Price. Actual Price will use current Bank Rate


Credit Cards

World Post Services Ltd. (UK) accepts 2 major credit cards only.

VISA, and MasterCard.

The choice is yours.

You will receive an automated confirmation of your transaction while you are still on line. This is your proof that your order has been sent and will soon be processed. Alternatively, account holders will receive a reply after administrative verification.

There is also an emailed receipt sent to you from World Pay after your transaction has been processed. Please have your email address (or contact email address) ready when filling out the form, as this will be the address that the receipt is emailed to. There are no other receipts sent to you. The secure credit card transaction will appear in your credit card statement if you have itemised billing.

All our transactions use the global financial services of "World Pay" credit card facilities. They provide the internet transaction security that only a large multi-national financial specialist can accomplish. World Pay supply very sophisticated, leading edge credit card checking and authorisation systems that enable you to purchase online. These systems have been developed over several years, use state of the art technology and undergo regular scrutiny. Their systems are modified regularly to incorporate additional checks to ensure that your transaction is not compromised by fraudsters. We trust their technology and security procedures to keep your transactions safe.

At present we do not accept any other credit cards. We also do not accept debit cards. Our costs are being minimized for your pricing benefit.




World Post Service Ltd. currently accepts payment in 5 different currencies. Your credit card company will usually allow any transaction in any currency, but please select one of the following during payment, if it is applicable:

British pound 
$ USA dollar 
$ Canada dollar 
$ Australian dollar
R  South African rand

Credit card service charges are reduced when the transaction is in the same currency as the credit card account is in. If you are ordering from an area which uses one of the five currencies above, then please select the appropriate currency for use. Our credit card facility ensures the various national currencies are all equal to their present legal value by using the latest exchange rates, so please feel comforted by their equal value. 

Credit cards of different national currencies then shown above may be used. However there may be an additional service charge by your own credit card company for a currency exchange when it is processed by them. In this case, please select the currency that you are most familiar with. We continually monitor our product utilization and will allow additional currencies as the service increases in various global regions.




Now what?     

Relax and let our service work for you.

Our delivery to the Royal Mail will be handled with peak efficiency. There are no further costs as our price is fully inclusive of postal charges. Rest assured that the Royal Mail are experts at global delivery and handle more than 20 billion items every year. We trust them to get your letters out quickly and reliably every time.



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